Tuesday, September 29, 2015


i want to remember all that i learned while at a retreat {one move retreat} hosted by the amazing liz lamoreux.  one of the biggest reminders of self*care for myself is to be STILL.  learn to be quiet and listen to what my mind, body and soul needs.  then ask if i need anything.  if i don't take care of myself, i can't be there for anyone else.  as i type this and listen to my fingers tapping on the keyboard while it's quiet around me, i feel centered, grounded and free from the chaos.  i can hear my beating heart, focus on my breath and smile as peace enters in.  i can close my eyes and feel the breeze on my face, the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves and know that i am oK.  

water calms my souL in a way that i can not explain.  my heart yearns for this calm all the time.  if i can't be near the water, i must remember it.  i must as i need to remind myself often that connie needs to take care of herself too, as i spends countless time, energy and hours taking care of others.  that i need to do all things possible to make sure i am healthy, happy and centered.  i know it's not easy to take care of myself as that is not something i've ever been good at.  i am worth it and know the importance of it, so that is what i am doing today...seLf*caRe.

may your day be filled with all the things that bring you peace.

love and hugs

photo credit: mE

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