Sunday, November 2, 2014

attitude of gratitude...

day 2:

tOdaY i am so grateful for laughter.  you know they say it is the best medicine and i truly believe that.  whether i am alone, with someone, watching tv, listening to a joke, reading something that makes me belly laugh or just being silly, i can't help but burst out in a smile and laugh.  there have been many times in my life that laughter has truly healed my soul.  having inside jokes with others have been great reminders that we all need to laugh a little bit more in this life.  that no matter what our life is like you can ALWAYS find something to change your mood and allow yourself some laugh time.  i am grateful to share many inside jokes that keep me smiling and laughing, even when everyone else isn't.  i am reminded by this picture how much fuN and how many times we just laughed...

mona, leah & me! jerome, az.

today i hope someone or something just makes your day and you smile big while burst out loud in laughter!!  try's great medicine.

what is something that truly makes you laugh? 
for's my inside joke about bowling! 
 (no one has a clue why i'm smiling big, except you) ;)

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