Saturday, November 1, 2014

attitude of gratitude...

day 1:

i am so grateful for the month of november.  it is a great month to remind ourselves of all the things {big or small} we should be grateful for.  i hope you will take this challenge with me. write, blog, facebook, journal, create or whatever you wish, just commit to the 30 days.  it's never too late to start.

today i am so grateful for this beautiful soul!! 

her name is marcie roberts and we have been friends for over 25 years.  we have had our share of ups and downs.  though we have always been there for each other.  we have laughed, cried, sang "pour some sugar on me" at the top of our lungs, been there for each others marriages, important events, birthday dinners and for girl time.  not sure what i would do without her in my life.  she is so funny and talks so stinkin' fast that sometimes you have to ask her to repeat what she said, lol.  she makes the best rice krispie treats!!!  my life has been truly blessed because she is in it.  thank you marcie for never giving up on me or our friendship. 
tOdaY what are you grateful for? 


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