Saturday, October 11, 2014

in the middle of my little mess,
i forget how big i'm blessed!!!  
                                      ~andi burgos
i am so extremely blessed to know that no matter what, god is always with me.  that he gives me such wonderful ways of showing all is good.  that i have much to be grateful and blessed for.  whether it be a lesson or a blessing i am thankful for all my life experiences.  each day is a new day.  each day is a new start to make my life all that i want it to be.  to make me realize that no matter how messy things are and can get in my life, there are so many more blessing.  today, i am loving god's aRt!!  this photo reminds me to see the blessings that were given to me so i could experience this wonderful masterpiece.
what is one of your blessings tOdaY?

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