Monday, November 5, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

day 5:  i am grateful for guardianship.

not only am i the mother of my son austin, i am his legal guardian as well.  no one ever thinks that they need guardianship over their child but in some cases, you have to.  i had to legally go to court to become his guardian and conservator.  this came with a lot of stress, many appointments, lawyers, a judge, tons of paperwork and an investigation.  wow, just to be his legal guardian.  i'm his mom, why all of this?  today we went to another one of our annual court hearing.  he was all dressed sharply with his hair styled ready to go.  the judge asked me questions then asked him questions.  then austin asked her "do you have any questions for me"?  she said "no, but do you have questions for me"  austin responded with "yes".  he asked the judge if he has to come next year because he hates missing out on his day program.  it was so cute!!  the judge answered "austin, it is always your right to come if you want too but if you don't i will make sure your mom tells you everything that happened here.  i want you to know that you are welcome to come if you want to".  he said "ok, i don't want to come".  we all chuckled.  i had a tear in my eye while i was sitting there.  thinking of all my extra responsibilities to be his guardian {even though i was already doing them}.  i though how god has entrusted me with his care.  how austin chose me.  how blessed i am.  how grown up he has become.  how he is trying everyday to be more independent.  how much i learned from this young man.  i know the challenges he took upon his self before he came to earth were not easy ones.  not may of us would choose complete blindness, retardation and autism.  this young man has blessed my life beyond words.  to know that i have him until he returns home, fills me with much gratitude.  he will not live in a group home or with someone else...he is mine.  my responsibility, my son, one of my greatest accomplishments.  thank you judge ruechel.  for allowing me to continue to be his legal guardian even though i AM already his mom.

what are you grateful for tOdaY?

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