Thursday, November 1, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

day 1: i am so grateful for my life! 

i have had many ups and downs in my 40 years.  i have learned many lessons by trial and error.  i have made many mistakes along the way as well.  through all of this, i know that this life is a test!!  one that keeps me learning every day.  if i were not to fall and make mistakes i would never learn from them.  though there are many i wish to never make again but i am still grateful for the lesson.  i am blessed with so many happy days.  to wake up and live one more day is a true gift.  this life of mine...a true blessing!  thank you god for each day i am granted to live it. 

what are you grateful for on this first day of november?

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:Jayne said...

I was grateful today for the dolphin I saw swimming in the intercoastal waterway as I drove over the bridge. It's the closest I've seen one!!!