Wednesday, June 27, 2012

you are not alone, promise! i am there too.

i have come to realize i have a problem {i know only one right, lol}.  my heart and mind aren't always in sync, on the same path.  i struggle to know which to follow, which is right?  i am hoping i am not alone in this.

i have read so many blogs, instagram posts and quotes lately that have truly inspired me.  yet, i have not done one thing about it!!  why?  why am i not making time for mE?!  why am i at this crossroad?

i have again taken a facebook break.  it's tough, but after the first week i have certainly found other things to distract me.  what i am gaining from this is that my life isn't perfect nor do i tend to let all of my "friends" think it is.  i am learning who my "true" friends are.  who really take the time to know me, care for me, love me and only want what's best for me.  what IS and SHOULD be the most important things to me.

i feel as though my heart, my soul is searching for something that i just can't find.  i can't seem to allow myself time to just be still enough to figure it out.  i know i am in desperate need of some much needed peace.  i know that it's about time i start making that time.  i know that i am in need of some outside help.  some extra guidenance.  someone or something beyond what my eyes, ears, heart and soul can grasp.  maybe it's simple or of great importance...i know i just need it.  i know i need to remember to breathe and trust in this process.  though for me, that is very difficult.  yet, that is maybe just what i need.

i know i am just rambling on.  i just wanted you all out there in blog land to know that it's ok to ask for help.  it really is ok.  to know that there are many others out there struggling.  that YOU are not alone!!  my wish...that we all find that peace that we so need and deserve.



Mikal said...

Love you girlie! Let's chat, I'm sure you know that I have SO many thoughts on this! LOL

:Jayne said...

it is okay! I feel stuck in the same whirlpool so many days. Love you! MISS YOU!