Tuesday, November 1, 2011

i'm never going to catch up...

i will never catch up on my blog posts for the past few weeks.  so i have decide to just start with today.  it's hard to believe that it is already NOVEMBER!  where has 2011 gone???  i feel like it should be spring not fall already. 

as you know last year i took the attitude of gratitude challenge for the month of november.  each day i will post {i will try my best} what i am grateful for that day.  it may me something really big in my life at that moment or something as simple as my favorite warm drink.  it's a simple challenge and i wondered if you would join in.  you can post your attitude of gratitude on your blog, facebook, in a journal, your website or just in your heart.  if you do post them please let me know the link as i would love to follow. 

this time of year i am reminded of all the things i am grateful for, big and small.  it's a time where i want to become better, do better, give more and appreciate more.  a time where i can feel love and give love.  it's a time to reflect on all that i am blessed with.  it also helps me journal more and document those day to day things that often get over looked and forgotten.   

so...will YOU join in?


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Anna Banana said...

I will join you in the gratitude project on my FB page.