Saturday, November 5, 2011

attitude of gratitude

day 5:

i am so very grateful for music.  for me, music touches my soul!  in my time of need, sadness or loss, my favorite times, happy ones, movie soundtracks, parties, cleaning the house, creating, weddings, retreats and so just gets me!

i know that music is something that i will always cherish.  no matter my mood {or the mood i'm trying to get into}, somehow, music will always just live right in my soul!

day 5: what are you grateful for today?

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Mikal said...

Ugh, your blog hasn't been updating when you post on my page!
I love all your gratitude posts!

I agree, music makes everything ok for me too. I love that it can take me out of my negative moods too, that is definitely a saving grace!

5 DAYS!!!!