Thursday, November 3, 2011

attitude of gratitude

day 3:

grateful for the talks I get to share with my children. I love you austin, trevor, dallin & haleigh. {{hugs}}

{trevor.19, austin.20, dallin.16, haleigh.14}

i never know when these talks are going to talk place but i sure do love them.  sometimes it's when one of them have a bad day, and argument with a friend, bad day at school or late at night.  i always want to be aware of them and their need to talk.  i never say i'm too busy at that moment for it may never come again.  i always stay up as late as i need to for them.  i always end it with a huge hug and an i love you. 
these are the days i live for.  these are the moments i am grateful for.  the memories that i am making with them.  theses moments... i will treasure for a lifetime!
day 3:  what are you grateful for today?

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