Friday, November 18, 2011

all. most. caught. up.

i have been journaling my attitudes of gratitude but have not gotten them up on my blog. 
gosh it's been really hard to catch up. 
i am doing it though!
it is one thing i feel strongly about. 
sometimes it's just the smallest simplest things you have or do that you should be grateful for.

today i realized i am truly grateful for the internet. 
it has blessed my life in more ways than i can count. 
i am grateful for my blog as well. 
i started it way back in 2007 as a {21 day challenge} i took from {rhonna farrer}. 
since then i have been blogging now for 4 years. 
i may not be faithful in doing it every day but i try. 
my blog is for mE. 
a place to write about my everyday doings,
what my kiddos and family are up to,
memories i want to share and keep,
my attitudes of gratitudes,
a quote or two,
a trial i may be going through,
a heartache i am dealing with,
a wish,
a prayer,
just the every day joy rides of my life! 

wishing you a fabulous day my friends. 
you are amaZing and thanks for blessing my life.


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