Saturday, September 17, 2011


today it's beautiful outside.

today there is a slight breeze.

today i slept in.

today i am allow myself to veg.

today i feel alive.

today i am drinking dr. pepper.

today i am smiling.

today my to do list is tiny.

today my children amaZe me.

today my heart is full.

today i am in love.

today i am snuggling with my favorite red blanket.

today i love my life.

today there is no stress.

today is good.

today i am blessed.

today my phone is quiet.

today i am calm.

today my body is resting.

today i can hear my breath.

today i am watching food network.

today i am laying next to my husband.

today is my day.

today my heart is at peace.

today what brings you peace?

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