Saturday, August 6, 2011

my quiet moments alone i do my reading.  sometimes that means my most favorite blogs.  other times it's a much needed book and then times it's the bible.  this morning i have been catching up on my blogs.  i am seriously speechless.  i am at awe at these amazing women.  i find comfort and strength in their words.  yet, i struggle with myself.

i have had the opportunity to have many different faiths in my life.  i have at times struggled with them all.  i would say the last 13 years or so have been a true struggle.  i have found it hard to be in one single faith.  i know i have a testimony of god.  i know i haven't been a faithful christan.  yet, god is still there.  waiting...

i read a few of my friends blogs that really touched me in one way or another.  through faithfulness, strength, learning, powerful prayer, desires of the heart and just being a good example of christianity.  you can check out their blogs here...{mikal}, {kristan}, {kolleen}, {jean}, {kelly}.

i have decided to put all religions aside and just get down to myself and god. this is very hard. it is truly the raw side of me that sometimes i don't want others to see. what i am learning from it, is that god WILL always be there. in my weakness, in my pain, sorrow, happy times, in my strength and all the other times as well. he is the one that will never leave my side. the one that will stay back and wait for me. the one who will love me unconditionally no matter what.  the one i need to put my heart and soul into.  the one that knows me best.  the one that i should be listening to.  the one that will never fail me.

i am striving to live my truth.  to live a life i am pleased with.  to live a life others may learn from and gain strength from.  to be an example of forgiveness, unconditional love and true christianity. 

i am enough and so are YOU!!


Mikal said...

Happy Sunday beautiful girl! You and I are walking such a similar path right now! Glad you are doing it much sooner than me. LOL

God wants us to be happy, and to love ourselves as much as He loves us - and that's an AMAZING love!

Accepting that I WILL grow and change and be true to my soul every single day was wonderful, you will too sweets, be open to that, and embrace it all!

Love and hugs!

Meagan said...

Hi, I am new to your blog, and just want ya to know, I am praying for you as well. Life is hard, but God - is always good. Been through some tuff walks, situations, and God is the one who will stick closer than a brother. Love us like no other...and never sleeps nor slumber, is never surprised by what happens, and is there to hold our hand and guide our the journey called L I F E. Hold onto him. God's blessings from one sister to another.

Meagan Boone