Wednesday, July 13, 2011

lend a hand...

a picture i took with my iphone
 of a statue in my town

have you ever given a hand to someone in need?
has someone ever lent a hand to you?
it is such a small gesture, yet it could mean the world to someone.

today i was really feeling the need to connect with a friend. 
i thought what would put a smile on my face?
what could i do to put a smile on theirs.
i sent a simple text message.
what i received in return was more than i asked for.
you never know when lending a hand will mean so much.

take time to serve others with your two little hands. 
it could be...
making bread.
making a call.
saying thank you.
pick flowers.
waving hello.
sending a text.
making art.
pulling them out of the dark.
giving a hug.

god gave us two hands to use.
why not share them with the world.
in doing will find a friend or maybe even save a life.

what have you done with your hands for a friend lately?

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LadyBird said...

Hey Sweet Lady! How are you? This was such a sweet post, I love it! What a wonderful reminder about what our hands need to be doing. We never know who we might help or really bless with just the smallest of gestures. Would you be interested in reposting it on my blog as my guest?
Thanks for your sweet writing and I appreciate you visiting my blog so often and having it on your blog list. :)
Love from M. :)