Friday, June 10, 2011

wallow fire

{in my back yard}

i took this picture sunday morning from my back yard.  the reddish cloud is the smoke from the wallow fire.  the fire is a little over an hours drive from my home. 

{wednesday early evening from my mom's}

all the grey you see above the landscape is smoke from the fire. 
it is so scary!

my heart is very heavy!  these pictures remind me of the rodeo chediski fire back in 2002.  seeing all the ash fall and having so much loss is too close to home for me.  many of my friends have been evacuated.  some may not have a home to return to.  this fire is just a small reminder of the importance of life.  the importance of making, keeping and sharing your life and memories with those that mean the most to you.  that "things" don't mean anything without family. 

to all of my blogging friend out there in cyber space whether you are religious, spiritual or not please take a moment to say a little prayer.

pray for all the firefighters.
pray for the the many people supporting and helping out in this terrible fire.
pray for all of those who are evacuated.
pray for their homes.
pray for all of the animals.
pray for these small communities.
pray for RAIN!

i am safe.
i am grateful for my home.
i am grateful for my family.
i am grateful for my life.
i am safe.

here are the statistics of this tragic fire near where i call home.

as of this morning the Wallow Fire has burned 408,887 acres.
640 sq miles
5% contained

take time today to be grateful for what you have. 
what you love.
who you care for. 
have a wonderful weekend my friends.


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