Tuesday, June 28, 2011


today... has been an overall good day.

today i worked 9-5.
today there was tons of work.
today i went to lunch with my mom and our friend naoma for her birthday lunch.
today i went grocery shopping.
today i bought a friend some roses.
today i cooked a fast and yummy dinner for my husband and i.
today i ordered some amaZing scents from scentsy. {here}
today i read many inspirational blogs.
today i became a "follwer" on some great blogs.
today i listened to some great music.
today i was truly inspired by {kelly lish's} newest piece of art, "she knew".
today kelly and i had an awesome text chat!
today i watched the voice and had total goose-pimples.
today i had a wonderful text conversation with miss adeline.
today my oldest son's paperwork was approved.
today i am tired, yet feel alive.
today i am blessed.
today i felt very inspired.
today i told my husband i loved him many of times.
today i am grateful.
today i received a text from my third son who said he missed me.
today i caramelized an apple and poured it over some
french vanilla ice cream.
today i thanked my husband for doing some "honey-dos".
today i felt good about being mE.

how was your today my friends?


Mikal said...

Oh, I love this!

Today I was feeling sorry for myself about a little work drama (that I have to deal with it at all), but now I'm more inspired to rise above it, and not let it get to me!

Thanks sweet girl, you ALWAYS make me smile!

Kelly Lish said...

Today I read your blog and felt proud and thankful :)
Thank you for making me feel that way!

Love to you sweet friend! xo

rajns (carolyn) said...

Today I was touched by your blog and inspired! Thanks!

:Jayne said...

Today your blog made me think of all the little things that make me happy!