Friday, June 24, 2011

machines that save...

{mammogram machine}
the dreaded mammogram machine i was so lucky to have an appointment with on wednesday.  not only did i visit this machine i saw the ultrasound machine as well.  i hope to hear from the doctor sometime next week to find out what my results were. 

{ultrasound machine}

i am not sure what i was more afraid of...the machines or the many of doctors, techs and interns who examined my "ta-tas".  it didn't hurt as bad as i thought but i shall say it was very uncomfortable.  then when i was having an ultra sound they were pressing really hard and oh the pain was not good. 

i may not have enjoyed this visit to the hospital with these lovely machines but it was worth every penny of it.  if it can save me from pain and knowing all is well, it is worth it!  i am thankful for today's doctors and technology that allows us the chance to detect any medical problems before it gets to advanced.  i am also very happy to discover websites that allow us to donate to the cause.  this is one of my all time favorites sites {save the ta-tas}.

so until i hear from the doctor i am still crossing my fingers and praying that my ta-tas are ok.

just a friendly reminder:
please do your monthly self exam girls {and guys}.  save your ta-tas!

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Mikal said...

I love that name! LOL

Good job getting checked! Not fun, but always a good feeling to know that everything is ok.

Hugs to you,