Saturday, May 28, 2011

she did it!!

it's hard to believe that my baby girl is growing up so fast.
she was promoted last night from the eighth grade.
she is now a high schooler, YIKES!
where did all those 14 years go?
i was blessed to have spent part of the day with her.
i took her to get her first pedicure.
she was a bit nervous.

we then went home to start getting ready.
haleigh is a girl all her own.
she is my "tom boy".
so when we found this dress.

i cried!
she did not want her hair done up fancy.
no flowers in her hair, no make up.
just her, her dress and flip flops.
she sneaked in and started looking at my jewelry.
i was quietly watching her.
she asked, "should i wear a necklace"?
together we looked through her little stash.
then we looked through mine.
this is what she chose.

to me, it was bitter sweet.
for this necklace means a lot to me.
to her, just something to wear.
when i put it on her i held back the tears.
she is learning to "fly".

she will spread her wings as she enters high school.
she will always be my little girl.
she will always have my heart.
she will always have that beautiful smile.
she will always be an artist.
she will always be a "tom boy" at heart.
she will always be the youngest.
she will always be different.
she will always be the only girl.
she will always be special.

if i could but only live my life in her shoes.
if i could but remember what it was like to be young and free.
if i could but remember how fun life truly is.
if i could but keep that innocence.
if i could but keep the artist in me.
if i could but always remember to fly.

congratulations haleigh nicole hastings!!
i am so proud of you.
i am so blessed to be your mom.
i am honored to be your friend.
you are one special young lady.
i love you boo!

look out world...she is spreading her wings!

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