Thursday, April 7, 2011


i am so far behind on my blogging and i know i will NEVER get caught up. so i have decided that i can't let this bother me. i am just going to move forward and blog when i can. you may be wondering what is up with my title? well a few months back i posted about this amaZing online course called soul restoration that is put on by the wonderful melody ross and kathy wilkins of the brave girls club. as a birthday gift for my mom i decided she really needed this class. with all that has been going on with our family i thought what a great thing for her. she is able to close her soul and self for restoration. i decided we both could use some quality time together and i could be there to guide her and her me.

mom and i started the class last night. we decided that once a week we will meet at my home and walk this journey together. you all know i have been very blessed to have attended two brave girls camp. yet, i have never completed nor finished a single thing. i am making it a goal to DO THIS ANYWAYS!! to take the time, to make the effort every week to restore my soul.

i am so very excited.
i am so honored and so blessed to do this with my mom.
so for a few weeks…i will be restoring my soul!!


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