Monday, April 25, 2011

happy birthday trevor!!

today my second oldest turned 19.  YIKES...19!!  oh where, oh where have all those years gone?  this young man brings so much joy into my life.  he is one talented kid, excuse me...young adult.  i am truly blessed to be his mom.

one of the things we do for birthdays is allow the birthday person to choose where they would like to have dinner.  now we all know that if we go to eva's {our mexican food restaurant} that eva will come out with your fried ice cream and some extra whipping cream in her hand.  i don't know why, other than the good food, that we all decide to go here for our birthdays.  she gotcha...

happy birthday trevor kempe hastings!  you fill my life with so much LOVE!!  thanks for picking me and allowing me the blessings of being your mom.
i love you!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

aunt cindy's birthday celebration...

so my mom, dad, my grandpa and my family got together on aunt cindy's birthday to have a birthday party.  it was a fuN evening filled with love, tears and wonderful memories.  we had a cake, sang happy birthday, wrote letters and then plan on taking them to the park and letting them go to heaven on a balloon.  it was a very tough day/night but it was wonderful celebrating my aunt.  i know she is in heaven finally eating CAKE!! 

{aunt cindy's cake!}

{mom cutting the cake}
{writing my letter to aunt cindy}

{haleigh, trevor & dallin}

{dad & mom writing letters}

{letters getting ready to go to heaven}

i love you aunt cindy and i know every year on your birthday will be special here on earth. you are one awesome aunt and i am so blessed to have had you here on earth as long as god allowed me to. i will cherish our times together, remember the memories and continue to live not only for me but for you. thank you for allowing me to be your niece.

two wonderful birthdays...

today is a tough day but a wonderful one.  it is my uncle matt and aunt cindy's birthday!  my uncle was born on my aunt's, his sister's birthday when she was 10 years old.  what a great present she had that year.  as many of you know my aunt passed on 3.3.2011 when she lost her battle with cancer.  we all know, yet still struggle that god needed her more than us.  today we are going to celebrate her life!  today my uncle matt is going to celebrate for her as well as try to celebrate his own.  we know that she is watching down over us.  we know she is in a better place.  we know that she would want us to keep on living. 

happy birthday uncle matt and aunt cindy!! 
i love you both so very much.
i am honored and blessed to have you as family.
love your niece,

Monday, April 11, 2011

happy birthday mom!!

today is my mom's 56th birthday.  she is the most amaZing, beautiful, bravest woman i know!!  if you see her...please wish her a happy birthday.
{flowers i gaver her}

{mom & me on her birthday}

i love you mommy!!  happy birthday.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


i am so far behind on my blogging and i know i will NEVER get caught up. so i have decided that i can't let this bother me. i am just going to move forward and blog when i can. you may be wondering what is up with my title? well a few months back i posted about this amaZing online course called soul restoration that is put on by the wonderful melody ross and kathy wilkins of the brave girls club. as a birthday gift for my mom i decided she really needed this class. with all that has been going on with our family i thought what a great thing for her. she is able to close her soul and self for restoration. i decided we both could use some quality time together and i could be there to guide her and her me.

mom and i started the class last night. we decided that once a week we will meet at my home and walk this journey together. you all know i have been very blessed to have attended two brave girls camp. yet, i have never completed nor finished a single thing. i am making it a goal to DO THIS ANYWAYS!! to take the time, to make the effort every week to restore my soul.

i am so very excited.
i am so honored and so blessed to do this with my mom.
so for a few weeks…i will be restoring my soul!!