Thursday, March 31, 2011


i have been having a difficult week. i wonder sometimes if it's that "time of the month" or what?? i mean, all my symptoms are if it is body doesn't have those parts anymore, lol. yet...i still get the symptoms.

i have also been soul searching. LISTENING to the inner me that is trying to tell me something. i have been truly blessed to have a husband send me to {brave girls camp} not just once, but twice! at this life changing retreat i learned many techniques on how to rediscover mE, i have been so desperately searching for the last 4 years or so. i have discovered that i am still here, still searching at times and that i am ALIVE! this in itself is in deed a true blessing.

today i was reading over my normal blogs and i came across shirley's. she is one of the original brave girls that i had the pleasure of meeting october of 2009. she has decided to spread her wings and fLy! i am following her journey in india, yes INDIA! you can follow it too {here}. i love how she so perfectly said this "My life is definitely on a new path, one of love and discovery. I am forward focus, the past is the past and it shall remain there. The only thing I ever intend to bring forward from the past is positive memories. The hurt, pain or confusion…anything negative will forever remain where it belongs, in the past." i read this and said to myself...i too must live this. i have been creating a new path, one of love and discovery and i am only wanting to focus on the now and the future. i thought to myself shirley is right! the past needs to be the past and i should only carry the memories.

so today...i called one of my original brave girls sister, {christi}. she had called me a couple of days ago and i was at work and could not talk. i sent her a text and didn't hear back. i was concerned and called her this morning. we had a great 2 hour talk. we talked about everything!! it made me realize again that melody and kathy's dream to reach women around the world, is a blessing in disguise for me. i have met and made so many friendships from this camp and christi is one that will be in my heart forever.

i know we are all busy. we have lives...we are working women, stay at home moms, grandmothers, travel seekers, providers, artist, writers, friends, survivors, daughters and the list could go on. though there are times that stop us dead in our tracks and make us look upon this life we live. it makes us question...

who we are?

why are we here?

what service have i done?

did i make the right choice?

all these questions that make us doubt our very souls. that make us wonder...


the choices we made are the right ones?

is the path i took correct?

are the dream i followed going to pan out?

did the call i just make, make a difference?

ask yourself...right now...

are YOU happy?

we all have choices, it's part of the plan that was made for us. though how we choose to live our lives is up to us. WE get to decide. whether it's right or wrong, it's YOUR choice. i know we all have tough days...believe me i have them A LOT! though i always find it somewhere in me to reflect on the thought that someone always has it worse than i do. that maybe my situations isn't so bad after all.

service: noun 1. an act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service.

today i did a little service and you know life isn't so bad after all. i may need a quick kick in the butt or a little hug to remind myself to be happy today. but i feel tons better for allowing myself to be of service. i am getting there.

have a fabulous day my friends. tomorrow is friday!


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Mikal said...

I love this on taking the good memories from the past! So true!!