Sunday, February 13, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 13:

we made it home last night from new mexico having a wonderful family weekend. it was nice to be outside as we enjoyed watching dallin play soccer. we all got a little wind burned but overall the weekend weather was GREAT!!

i checked the mail as it hadn't been checked for a few days. what a surprise to see a wonderful little envelope addressed to me!! it was from my brave sister, lynda lindley, you can check out here blog {HERE}. on the outside of the envelope {where the post office stamps it}, was where i found my {heart} for day 13!
such a nice note was inside just for me. my {heart} is truly full and blessed to have some amaZing women in it. lynda, thank you for my sweet note, thank you for my {heart} for day 13.

may we always remember that our lives are truly filled with love and {hearts}. all you need to do is just open your eyes and look deeply.

happy {heart} hunting!

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