Friday, February 11, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 11:

after reading chrissy's post {here} about searching for {hearts} in the foods we eat, i was on the lookout. i had my son get take-out mexican food for dinner last night. mexican food is my ultimate weakness. i could eat it everyday if my body would allow it. totally forgetting about chrissy's blog post earlier in the day, i looked down to take a bite and there it was!! i had cut into my enchiladas and i see it...right there in my food, a cheesy {heart}!! i mean come on really? without even trying to make a {heart} i had cut two pieces off and ate the first bite and then went in for the second and it was there. right in my take out plate...a yummy {heart}. so whether you play with your food to make a {heart} or it is done by cutting into a yummy cheese out...{hearts} are truly EVERYWHERE!!

happy {heart} hunting in your food today!

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