Wednesday, February 9, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 8 & 9:

today i was off to home depot and lowe's with my husband. i grabbed my keys and lock the door and what do you know? it's there, right on my key ring. the previous tenants of this home had it all along. i have had this for the past year and a half and never noticed it. do you see it? right there on my key ring.

here is a closer look!!

told you that you could find them everywhere!!

after we got home i checked my mail and had a wonderful surprise in it. i received a beautiful house warming gift from jeanne.

{letting go}

a bonus gift she sent me. {studious}

she is one of my brave sisters!! we were able to meet at the first brave girls camp in october 2009 and then a year later...we were both at brave girls camp 10.10, the one year anniversary!! she is one talented lady. you should check out all of her amaZing talent {here} on her website. when i opened the package she had written me a little note on the back of one of her post cards. after reading it, smiling {with a little tear in my eye} i noticed it. right there on the front of her card.

this is the front of her postcard.

take a look at the flower. can you see it yet?

ok so if you rotate it and look closely you will notice in the center there is a {heart}.

i don't know if jeanne knew this was there but for was a great find!! extra love that is all around us, all within us if we just look deep enough. my {heart} is completely full today.

thanks jeanne for my wonderful gift. i can not wait to frame it and hang it in my new home. you are so thoughtful. one little act of kindness can change the world and you my friend do it with ease. i love you!!

happy {heart} finding!!

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Jeanneoli said...

Thank you for your sweet words! I am so happy for you and your husband and this life you are creating together!!!