Friday, February 4, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 4:

as i was leaving my house to head to my new home to paint i noticed my entire front lawn was flooded. YES, flooded!! about a foot of water covered my entire front yard. as i frantically searched for the shut off valve {with no luck} i called my landlord. i am only guessing that the water had been running 2-3 hours. i could not believe this was how my weekend was going to start. finally got the water under control and headed to the new house. mom and i were going to paint for the umpteen day! i was tired and hungry so we decided to get some lunch before we started. my mom had been there since 9 am so she was ready for a break. we headed to the van when we noticed we couldn't lock the front door. WHAT?? i tried all the keys and none of them worked. not only did we get lunch but i headed to ace hardware for a new deadbolt. could this day get any worse i thought. when i got home all i wanted was calgone to take me away but...i couldn't because i had NO water!

the only positive to my day was spending it with my mom and finding this when i got home. my son had left the hose connected to the hose bib and it froze. the plumber had fixed the broken pipe and after all the water soaked in i found this beauty. my frozen hose lying on the ground.

glad to have a {heart} end my day and finally put a smile on my face!!

happy {heart} hunting!

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