Sunday, February 13, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 13:

we made it home last night from new mexico having a wonderful family weekend. it was nice to be outside as we enjoyed watching dallin play soccer. we all got a little wind burned but overall the weekend weather was GREAT!!

i checked the mail as it hadn't been checked for a few days. what a surprise to see a wonderful little envelope addressed to me!! it was from my brave sister, lynda lindley, you can check out here blog {HERE}. on the outside of the envelope {where the post office stamps it}, was where i found my {heart} for day 13!
such a nice note was inside just for me. my {heart} is truly full and blessed to have some amaZing women in it. lynda, thank you for my sweet note, thank you for my {heart} for day 13.

may we always remember that our lives are truly filled with love and {hearts}. all you need to do is just open your eyes and look deeply.

happy {heart} hunting!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 12:

today we are in new mexico for my son dallin's soccer tournament. he joined a club soccer league and we decided to make it a family trip and go. my second oldest decided he rather stay at home. our weekend began friday evening as we loaded up the excursion, picked up two of dallin's friends/team mates and we were off. the first game was on saturday morning. the day was absolutely gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky!! while we were at the tournament there were still patches of snow around. as i stumbled over one of them i lookded down and saw a leaf in the snow. looking a little closer...a {heart}.

everywhere i tell ya, EVERYWHERE!!

happy beautiful {heart} hunting day to you!

Friday, February 11, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 11:

after reading chrissy's post {here} about searching for {hearts} in the foods we eat, i was on the lookout. i had my son get take-out mexican food for dinner last night. mexican food is my ultimate weakness. i could eat it everyday if my body would allow it. totally forgetting about chrissy's blog post earlier in the day, i looked down to take a bite and there it was!! i had cut into my enchiladas and i see it...right there in my food, a cheesy {heart}!! i mean come on really? without even trying to make a {heart} i had cut two pieces off and ate the first bite and then went in for the second and it was there. right in my take out plate...a yummy {heart}. so whether you play with your food to make a {heart} or it is done by cutting into a yummy cheese out...{hearts} are truly EVERYWHERE!!

happy {heart} hunting in your food today!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 10:
i already have my {heart} for day 10, woohoo!! this morning when i was getting the kids off to school, finishing the dishes and feeding the dog my phone went off. i had just received a text message from my wonderful sister in law wendy. i was sooo very excited to read it, then i noticed it was a forward. dang it! i thought she was checking in on me. well, this was even better.

i am truly blessed and loved by her. she doesn't even realize how special she is to me and our family. she has given my brother a wife, my mother and father 5 grand babies, her children a mother, me a sister in law and our family such loVe!!

i wanted to share the love and make sure you all know how much i love you!!! whether you read my blog or saw this on facebook please know YOU are loVed!! truly loved. i hope you feel it in your {heart} today and smile.

happy {heart} finding to you!!

a little daily truth from the brave girl club!!

i thought i would share with you the daily truth from the brave girl club today.

Dear Beautiful Girl,

Whatever grows in your life is what has been planted there, what has been nurtured, fed and given time and attention.

What is growing there? What is it that has been planted in your one beautiful, precious life? Have you carefully planned the rows
of fruits, vegetables and flowers? Or are things growing there that blew in with the wind? Are weeds taking over?

It is never too late to "weed" your garden, and now is the perfect time to pull out the dead things, the unwanted things,
the overgrown things, and make room for the new growth that you are so badly yearning for.

Take a moment today to see what is truly growing in your life, and whether or not there is room for the things that you most
want to see the fruits of.

Be brave enough to pull out the unwanted things and get your life ready to lay the seeds of your wildest dreams.


this hit my {heart} and i hope it touches yours too. you may sign up for brave girl's daily truths to enter your inbox every monday- friday too. just click {here} and sign up today. come on, be BRAVE!! i know i am.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 8 & 9:

today i was off to home depot and lowe's with my husband. i grabbed my keys and lock the door and what do you know? it's there, right on my key ring. the previous tenants of this home had it all along. i have had this for the past year and a half and never noticed it. do you see it? right there on my key ring.

here is a closer look!!

told you that you could find them everywhere!!

after we got home i checked my mail and had a wonderful surprise in it. i received a beautiful house warming gift from jeanne.

{letting go}

a bonus gift she sent me. {studious}

she is one of my brave sisters!! we were able to meet at the first brave girls camp in october 2009 and then a year later...we were both at brave girls camp 10.10, the one year anniversary!! she is one talented lady. you should check out all of her amaZing talent {here} on her website. when i opened the package she had written me a little note on the back of one of her post cards. after reading it, smiling {with a little tear in my eye} i noticed it. right there on the front of her card.

this is the front of her postcard.

take a look at the flower. can you see it yet?

ok so if you rotate it and look closely you will notice in the center there is a {heart}.

i don't know if jeanne knew this was there but for was a great find!! extra love that is all around us, all within us if we just look deep enough. my {heart} is completely full today.

thanks jeanne for my wonderful gift. i can not wait to frame it and hang it in my new home. you are so thoughtful. one little act of kindness can change the world and you my friend do it with ease. i love you!!

happy {heart} finding!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 7:

today was another busy day of painting so i didn't have time to search for a {heart}. when i went to get my mom at her house she has this little chair that my uncle made for her.

even if you don't have the time to search...they are everywhere.

happy {heart} finding my friends!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 6:

happy super bowl sunday my friends!

i didn't get in any spectacular {heart} hunting in today. though when i was at my parents house with my son for the super bowl i found these {hearts} welcoming me into her home hanging on the wall.

i think i got plenty of {heart} love today. how could i not feel the love when i see our family {heart} calendar hanging on the wall. this is the place where we welcome a newbie to the family. we all are given a {heart} with our name and birth date on it. when we got married... one was added. when you had a was added. this was a great reminder of all the lOvE our family has been blessed with. what a wonderful welcome in deed!!

hoping you are welcomed by a wonderful {heart} today!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 5:

this was in my tea this morning. i ran to get my camera and just as i snapped the shot it started to change. all my rushing to get my camera, made my tea foam move around. lucky enough...i got my shot!!

happy {heart} hunting my friends!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 4:

as i was leaving my house to head to my new home to paint i noticed my entire front lawn was flooded. YES, flooded!! about a foot of water covered my entire front yard. as i frantically searched for the shut off valve {with no luck} i called my landlord. i am only guessing that the water had been running 2-3 hours. i could not believe this was how my weekend was going to start. finally got the water under control and headed to the new house. mom and i were going to paint for the umpteen day! i was tired and hungry so we decided to get some lunch before we started. my mom had been there since 9 am so she was ready for a break. we headed to the van when we noticed we couldn't lock the front door. WHAT?? i tried all the keys and none of them worked. not only did we get lunch but i headed to ace hardware for a new deadbolt. could this day get any worse i thought. when i got home all i wanted was calgone to take me away but...i couldn't because i had NO water!

the only positive to my day was spending it with my mom and finding this when i got home. my son had left the hose connected to the hose bib and it froze. the plumber had fixed the broken pipe and after all the water soaked in i found this beauty. my frozen hose lying on the ground.

glad to have a {heart} end my day and finally put a smile on my face!!

happy {heart} hunting!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 3:

this is usually how i am feeling {on my picture}. you would find me with a huge smile on my face. today not so much. i did however find a {heart} and i want to get out of this fuNk. maybe remembering what this {heart} stands for will help that. i made a heidi swapp clock for tom on valentine's day a couple of years ago. it was the beginning of our relationship and it now reminds us of how far we have come. hope you find a {heart} in your life to share with.

happy {heart} hunting!

one of those days...

ever had one of those days where you are just in a fuNk?
i am feeling it today!!
i can't seem to get out of bed.
i don't feel like accomplishing anything today. {but i have}
i really just want to curl up in bed, with some warm tea, watch useless tv shows, cry a little and maybe fall asleep.

it this wrong?

i should be living my life full of LOVE and BRAVERY!!

i should be thinking about all the GOOD in my life.

i should be thanking God for the time i have here on earth.

i should be grateful for what i have.

i should be happy!!

today is just one of those days and i don't' know how to get out of this fuNk!!

sorry, this isn't an upbeat blog.
i think i just needed to get it out, read it and try to deal with today.
i hope your day is going better than mine.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 2:

today i was starting to take my pictures off the wall so we can get ready to move by the end of the month. while doing so guess what i found? my day 2 of finding {hearts}.

i had this hanging on my wall just above my family photo area. i have my entire family hanging on this wall. all three sides for my family and now i need to add another for tom's. families are forever and full of lOvE!! nice way to find my {heart} for the day.

happy {heart} hunting my friends!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

finding {hearts} way

day 1:

I am trying to take on the challenge of my dear friend chrissy {here}. we are to look for hearts all around us for 14 days. i thought this was perfect for the first day.

i think this works for me!! i use my laptop pretty much every day and low and behold this {heart} was right next to my hands. i didn't even notice it until i looked more deeply. next to me daily by my right hand. {hearts} are all around us if we just open our mind and our {hearts} and look.

happy {heart} hunting!!