Sunday, February 14, 2010

{happy valentine's day}

 for me it has been and always will be the small things that mean the most.  this morning i wanted to start out the day showing my family how much i love them.  it started with red food coloring, pancake batter, some sausage and eggs and a smoke detector.  i forget that this kitchen doesn't have good ventilation.  needless to say, ALL IS GOOD!!  i made a valentine's breakfast with much love.  i freehanded some hearts and fed my family.  remember to share this day with all the special people in your life.  let them know how much they truly mean to you.  for if it wasn't for LoVe...none of us would be here.  have a great day everyone.  i know i will, as i am spending the day with those who have my heart.  remember everyday is valentine's day.  i love you just the way you are.  {{hugs}} connie

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

If you don't go after what {YOU} want,
you'll never have it.
If you don't ask,
the answer is always no.
If you don't step forward,
you're always in the same place.

~author unknown

Sunday, February 7, 2010

brandon & rachel

as i attended my cousin brandon's wedding in florence yesterday, i again was reminded how important family is.  to see a young couple start the beginning of their future as they become man & wife.  these two are so great together and i am honored i was a small part of their special day.
i think we often forget that not only do we need support in our lives from family and friends but they need it as well.  they need guidance, support and love!!  it is part of our being, to learn and then pass on our wisdom.  may this new couple eNjoY all that their future has in store for them.  may all their dreams and wishes come true.  i love you both and will always be your older, wiser cousin who will be there no matter what.