Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{Attitude of Gratitude} day 9

day 9:
i am grateful for kathy rice. my hEarT is full right about now.
yep. FULL.

today i was on the receiving end of giving. can i just tell you how luCkY i am!! so yesterday i get this text that says "do you want to have lunch this week" and it's from kathy. first i start thinking oh no, what does she want. then i get a little excited. then the nerves kick in again. then my mind stops and i just smile. KATHY WANTS TO HAVE LUNCH WITH ME!! i thought to myself, wow! kathy wants to have lunch with me and i am sooooo excited!!

we scheduled it for today and can i just tell you...i love this woman! not only is she my relief society president, my visiting teacher and my neighbor she is my friend!! i feel so blessed to have her in my life. she is one amaZing lady. i don't know how she knew i need this today but, she did.

thank you kathy for being my friend. being there for me if i need anything. for loving me for mE!! i love you.

day 9: who are you grateful for today?

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:Jayne said...

YOU! and all the Brave Girls!!
and way too many other women to count!