Friday, November 5, 2010

{Attitude of Gratitude} day 5

day 5:
i am grateful for the sun and a warm cup of carmel/apple cider with reddi whip!!

it is FIANALLY starting to feel winterish here in snowflake. usually by halloween we have already had our first snow. not so this year but our temperature is finally cooling off.

this morning it was a bit nippy but the sun was shinning. it was cold in the house and i had just gone to the grocery store a few days earlier. i remembered that i had bought apple cider, some carmel syrup and reddi whip. at brave girls camp last month, my brave girl sister, christy tomlinson made me a nice, warm, comforting drink with these ingredients. i was so yummy! so you guest it...i made one for myself today.

sometimes it's just the simple pleasures of life that makes us feel so good and appreciative. i am so grateful just for the little things sometimes.

day 5: what is your small
pleasures of gratitude?

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