Wednesday, November 3, 2010

{Attitude of Gratitude} day 3

day 3:
i am grateful for forgiveness~giving and receiving!!

so yesterday was one of those craZy, busy days. i felt as i was running around with my head cut off trying to do everything. i know you have all been there one time or another. by the time i finally got home, i was missing ingredients for dinner so out again i went. i started making dinner as it was 6:30ish and everyone was hungry. i was being asked what was for dinner, i need help with my homework, the house was a total mess and i was STRESSED!! i finally BLEW...i was telling everyone to do their chores {including tom}, get their homework done and just not a very nice person.

this morning i realized how awful i really was yesterday. how mean i was to my own family. this morning i made a point to tell my son i was sorry. that i loved him and that mom's just have bad days too. now to let tom and the rest of them know how sorry i am. that i love them with all my heart and that i hope they forgive me.

the steps in asking for forgiveness is very simple..."i am sorry". that's it! to accept it, is just as simple..."you're forgiven".

day 3: how is your attitude?

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Kolleen said...

today was a "No problem" my attitude is good so far!!!

i can SO relate to the day you had yesterday Connie. I had one on Sunday (of all days)....and i just couldn't seem to stop ragging on my kids, etc... My hubby was gone all day so he was able to dodge the wrath of Kolleen!!!'s do have bad days too.

and i couldn't agree more...the steps to forgiveness are quite simple!

loving you so are a beautiful person inside and out my friend!!!