Sunday, November 21, 2010

{Attitude of Gratitude} day 21

day 21:
grateful i was taught how to cook and bake. today a lot of this was done. 2 types of cookies, banana bread and for dinner homemade cheesy broccoli soup.

i have always loved to create and make new dishes. when i was younger i was taught the basics on how to cook and bake. now today... i have a real hard time following any recipe. i do much better make things from scratch. the only bad part...when it turns out great and everyone loved it, i don't always remember what went in it. lol. i only wish i spent more time with my grandma when she lived here having her to teach me how to make homemade pie crust. one thing i am jealous that my brother can do and i can't. oh least learning the basics is what i am grateful for. maybe i will just have to make a special trip to pennsylvania just to have grandma teach me.

day 21: what favorite recipe are you grateful for?

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