Tuesday, November 2, 2010

{Attitude of Gratitude} day 2

day 2:
i am grateful for a car that runs!

i have never had the best vehicles in the world. in fact i have only had 1 brand new car ever in my entire life. i didn't even own it either...had those stinkin' monthly payments. you know the ones that kill you?! lol!! i have always had used cars. i am thankful and blessed for those used cars and for them always running. sometimes only around town but they got me to where i needed to go.

in 2008-2009 i did not have a vehicle. i had to use my mom's car for an entire year. i was grateful she had one i could use but it just wasn't mine. april 2009 i was blessed to have my van and have it paid for!! yes, it is a 1999 chevy astro van will LOADS of miles but it's all MINE!!

yesterday taking haleigh to school we were in tom's excursion and she had him pull all the way up to the fence {where all the kids where waiting for school to begin}. i asked how come i couldn't drop her off there when i take her in the van? she replied "the excursion is cool"! oh well, you can't please everyone, right? i am just blessed to have a running car...that will take me ANYWHERE!!

day 2: what are you thankful for?

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