Tuesday, November 16, 2010

{Attitude of Gratitude} day 16

day 16:
i am grateful for Lifeshare!!

i love making and sending cards to people. in the years past i would handcraft over 100 christmas cards. yikes! now with lifeshare...i can design and personalize a card, lifeshare will address and mail it for me and all at a low cost of only $1.32. yep, only $1.32 for a folded 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 card!! not only do they do photo cards but you can also do photo books. how cool is that?!

my life has just gotten easier and less stressful all because of lifeshare! i can not thank them enough for allowing me to make a card so personal to send to anyone...just because! i can't wait to start my christmas cards now. look out friends...a card may be coming to your mail box soon.
here are just some of the cards i eNjoYed making.

would you like to know more about lifeshare? check out the link {HERE} watch the video, look around and made a free card. if you have any questions...give me a call. i would love for you to eNjoY sending smiles to your family and friends too.

day 16: have you shared a smile lately? why not make someones day by sending a card...just because?!!

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