Friday, October 15, 2010

{bgc} the beginning

my heart is so full.
my heart is so happy.
my heart feels complete.
my heart is brave!

i struggle to find just the right words to express {brave girl camp}. it was the 1 year anniversary and i was blessed to come as staff. i was willing and ready to give. what i wasn't ready for, was how much i was going to gain.

all of the staff members had attended at least one {many of them had attended multiple times} of the camps. so we all knew how these ladies were going to be love, served and have a safe place to rest. i truly believe melody and kathy were directed by a higher power to bring all of these amaZing women to staff at this very sacred place. i fell in love with each and everyone of the staff gals. it's like we had been friends forever. we laughed, we cried, we worked our behinds off, we shared and we loved so deeply. i will never, ever begin to show them all how much this touched my sOuL!

my "emotional bubble bath" is over flowing right now. this will have to do until later. much <3




Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

It was amazing. I am so blessed to know you! hugs hugs hugs!

BonnieRose said...

so so happy..I could feel all the love fr ea one of you!! I can't wait to serve as staff myself one day... I'd love to serve and share my story too!!! hugs to you dear new brave girl. xoxooxox friends forever xoxoxoxo love you

The Bumpy Life said...

Hi Connie,
Finding the right words are so hard to describe such an amazingly powerful experience. I'm so glad that you were there and that our paths crossed. You are a beautiful being! Stay strong and brave girl. much love!

chrissy said...

sweet friend...
it is extremely hard for me to find the right words as well, but when i find them...BAM! they roll out and i don.t know where to stop...
thank you soooo much for the service you gave to each of us at BGC. you touched my heart and i will forever be thankful for all you did and shared.
can.t wait to see you soon.
"emotional bubble bath is wonderful"