Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i am sitting at the hospital in flagstaff with my mom and thinking to myself..."i don't like seeing her like this". she had to have surgery on her hip again. the hardware they put in last year came loose and she has been in pain for over 6 months.
my mom is my hero! she has always been there for me. she has been my best friend since i was born, lol. to see her in pain, to see her restless, to see her helpless just breaks my heart and makes me cry.

not only is this week a very stressful one for me, it will be a challenging one. one where i will need to find all the strength that i have to just make it through these next few days. life has given me some challenges to overcome and some decisions that were very difficult to make. though i know in the end...they will be for the best.

i know that this is just a test of my strength and courage. i know this to shall pass. i am learning that i don't always have control over situations that arise. that choices others make can interfere with my decisions. i just need to remember that they are MY choices. that i may listen to advice from others but i don't have to apply them to my life.

in the end i know that things will work out. it's just very difficult for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

please say a little prayer for my mom tonight. may the Lord keep her safe while i am not with her.

{{hugs}} and goodnight.

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