Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i am posting today as i have many thoughts in my head.

have you ever felt like you needed to just STOP and LISTEN?!

i did that and i found my heart and mind saying "check on a friend".

i stopped and took a moment to check on that friend.

as i received a response back she told me i just stopped her from doing something that might have changed her life and many others.

this post is to remind myself and others how important this LIFE is.

how special we ALL are.

that we ALL have so much to give and so much to gain in this life.

we all have struggle and challenges.

some may be very small while others are quite BIG.

it's how we deal with these challenges that makes our life what it is and what it can be.
sometimes it might be hard to take that step forward not knowing what the outcome may be.
though you never will know if you don't try.

take that one little step, let go and be BRAVE!

cause YOU my friend are loved!

{{hugs}} connie

A journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step.

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