Sunday, April 25, 2010


it's hard to believe that trevor is 18! i remember the day he was born so clearly. he was 7 weeks early only weighing 4 lbs. 8 oz. i wondered how long he would have to be in the hospital being so small and all. i remember leaving the hospital empty handed. i was so sad not taking my wee little one with me.

i was only 19 when he entered the world. trevor couldn't wait until my 20th birthday as it was only 3 days away. he had a mind of his own from day one.

i remember how the nurses use to tell me he was rolling over in his incubator. that he would rub his little knees raw that they had to put this special tape on him so not to hurt his self. he went from tube feeding, to little bottles to finally me. this little one surprised us all. he came home only a week after his birth.

before we left the hospital we had to take a cpr class just in case trevor had any complications at home. he went home on a heart monitor that we weren't sure how long he would be on. we didn't know what being 32 plus weeks preemie meant. what life would be like for little trevor kempe.

trevor was truly a miracle baby!! he was off his heart monitor at 5 weeks. he started growing and eating like crazy. would never know he was a preemie.

* age 2 trevor loved baseball
* childhood favorite movie was sandlot
* at 5 he tried to ride his big wheel to mcdonald's cause he knew how to get there
* at 6 he attended franklin elementary and surprised us all at how advanced he really was
* 2nd grade he was reading harry potter books
* entered the gifted program and loved to learn
* picked up the trumpet and hasn't put it down
* gives the best hugs
* doesn't like to smile but you can see it in his eyes
* is the best friend anyone could ever have
* loves his siblings more than his life
* he loves music
* he can drive
* his favorite color is blue
* makes people laugh
* helps those in need
* likes all the attention from all of his nieces and nephews
* his writing is amaZing {can't wait to see his name on a book}
* loves deeply
* learning to be himself

this kid, my son is totally one of a kind!! i am so honored and proud to be his mother. i am blessed beyond measures that he picked me to be his mom. i love you kiddo and hope you get everything you wish for. you're everything a mother could as for.

this was my little boy.

this is my miracle child!

happy 18th birthday trevor! mom loves you

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Christi said...

beautiful, Connie you have such a way with words
I can't believe you have an 18 year old .. I teared up thinking that someday mine will be 18 .. love you