Tuesday, October 20, 2009

brave girls camp...

as i try to explain brave girls camp you will have to bear with me. this life-changing event was just that! LIFE-CHANGING!!! it stirred up all sorts of emotions for me...fear, happiness, forgiveness, sadness, friendship,strength, peace and the list can go on.

the day i read about brave girls camp i cried. i cried because i laid here on my bed saying i need this. then it was...i can't afford this. my head was hurting, my heart was full and i went back and forth on my decision of going. i think most of us could relate..."i don't deserve it". i have kids, work, busyness how can i go away for just mE? as i e-mailed kathy and said, i want to go but don't know...she said "YOU need to, it will be ok". i thought to myself...this women doesn't even know me. she doesn't know everything going on in my life right now, how does she know what's best for me. well ladies...she does! i figured out a way to make this brave girls camp a part of my christmas present and i went.

so i signed up and kathy called and we took care of all the details. i looked for plane tickets to boise and i was set. so i thought. then the guilt set in, the fear of going and not knowing anyone. i was gonna have to fly a day early cause we needed to be there at 10 am and there were no flights that early. oh no, now i have to pay for a hotel for a night and a taxi to get me to eagle. what on earth was i thinking?!

as it grew near to the event we were sent a questionnaire on getting to know us. these questionnaire/bios were posted on a private board so we could get to know each other a bit before we were taken to a secret place in the woods. here i started reading about all the other women attending. here i found other women, just like ME! here i started saying i NEED to go. here is where my journey began...

i needed a place to stay that first night before the retreat. kathy posted girls wanting to share a room, taxi and one that offered her home. i, connie stepped out of my box and emailed a gal named christi. i said i would be coming in on tuesday and needed a place to stay. she not only offered her home but came and picked me up at the airport. she is one BRAVE girl. she stopped so i could get something to eat {as i had travel all day}, we chatted to get to know each other better until 1 am and then i slept on the most comfiest couch ever! the next morning we were so excited {i think she was way more than i was} we went and got our jamba juice {never had one before} and off to the hotel.

at the hotel we were greeted by marq, melody's wonderful husband, a group of ladies and a shuttle bus. we were then given these gorgeous bags, {handmade of course} our name badges and off into the shuttle we went.

first stop we made on our drive was to a lookout point. as we were told they made a new road so we couldn't see the rock they wanted us to. we did get to take some photos and i remember so clearly saying "man, i feel like i am at home. it's always windy like this in snowflake".

we continued on our very fast, windy road up the mountain to our destination. right before we turned onto our road we stopped. we were greeted by melody. what an amaZing woman inside and out!

we were told to take out our bird seeds. it had this little note on it and inside it said "worries are for the birds". we tossed the seed into the air and left our worries behind! we were no longer allowed to think of our kids, pets, bill, work, families, and anything else weighing heavy on us. so back in the shuttle we went to our final destination.

i think i am going to continue this later. my heart is pounding and i am full of all the emotions again and need to take a time out!

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Christi said...

Wow .. I am so glad you came and liked my couch I have been reading all these post and start to cry ..Not that I am sad but how much joy and love I have for everyone ..love you Seriously