Thursday, September 10, 2009

thank you for being a friend!

have you ever taken a second {from your crazy life} and thought about the people in your life. not just your kiddos, family and extended family but the people. how did you meet them? when did you meet? what do you have in common? are you still in touch with them? what do you gain from knowing them? what have you learned through them?

well today one of my friends is having a lumpectomy. she has learned she has breast cancer {yes, another one with cancer}. i stopped for a bit to think of her today. her husband, her kids, her family. sending good vibes to them all, that things will go well.

so as i thought of the many people in my life i had to blog. i am truly BLESSED! i can say i have friends from elementary school, can you? there are even friends that i have lost touched with but, know if i needed them...they would be there. i even have friends that i have never met. friends through this funny thing called "blogging", lol.

all these many people i have met have touched my life in one form or another. i have learned so much from them. some are there to comfort me, others to make me laugh. there are those that stretched their arms out to tell me to stay strong or things will be alright. many have made me cry. oh but the good kinda cry. lots of is the best medicine you know. some have hurt my feelings as i know i have hurt theirs too. to love and be loved as well. i have shared some really special moments with these friends as they have had struggles too. a father who passed away from cancer, a child with special needs, a divorce, abandonment issues, family trials, a death of a sister, a loss of a child and my list could go on.

we all have a story. not sure if you read that.
we all have trials but, allowing ourselves to share in these special times with our friends is a gift.

people will continue to come in and out of my life but, by doing so have left precious footprints on my heaRt. no matter where you are, near or far, YOU are a gift to me. you never really know why they came into your life but, i tell you one thing... i don't want them to leave. so "thank you" to all of my friends. as our paths have crossed for one reason or another or we have not met yet..."thank you". i hope you know that no matter what, "you CAN always count on me...cause that's what friends are for".

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage".
~lao tzu

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Rachel Ann said...

Thank you for reminding me that friendships are so important and that we all have a story!

Blessings to you and your friends.