Tuesday, August 25, 2009


i find myself wide awake at 1 am {now 1:30}. tomorrow is a busy day and i know how important a good nights rest is. i need to find some way to unwind in the evening. i need to try and go to bed earlier as i still get up at 6 am no matter what time the eyes close. then it's trying to STAY asleep... anyone out there struggle with this?

i have so many thoughts going through my mind right now that i wish to blog. i just don't think i would get it all out right even if i tried. listening to my blog music is relaxing...though i have shed a few tears, i must find time to sleep. close my thoughts, shut my mind off...clear it!

ok, a quick quote....

do more than exist,
do more than touch,
do more than look,
do more than read,
do more than hear,
do more than listen,
do more than think,
do more than talk,

~john h. rhoades

night all...i hope. {{hugs}}

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Dianna said...

Sleep and I haven't been buddies in a while...makes my mind mush. Being tired always makes everything feel 100x worse doesn't it?

Hope you get some Zzzzzs tonight*!*