Thursday, July 16, 2009

some summer fuN!

my kiddos and i took a little mini vacation. it was just here in arizona but, we made the most of it. we went swimming our first night and had a bbq with friends. the next day we swam at a resort and our final day was at the lake. we loVe water!! here are a few pictures of our fuN!

we had to cut our vacation short because my two middle boys had ball games. they play for our church team and as of right now...they are undefeated! hope to take them for a few more days to have a little more fuN before school starts. which is just around the corner, YIKES!! we have to get school supplies and all our shopping done in a few weeks. i will have 3 high school boys and my baby girl in jr high. WOW, where did the time go?!

you'll want to stop by and check out piggy tales' blog {HERE}. the cha trade show is just around the corner and they came out with some gReaT collections to exhibit!! i so can't wait to get my hands on theses lines and do some scrappin'. if you post on their blog you could have a chance to win the entire summer collection! you can't beat that...just let them know what you think and you're entered. i can't wait to get back to teaching. we had a nice summer break but i always miss mY piggy tales students.

i know this blog was short but, it's all that time allows. gotta get ready to go to another ball game. GO SNOWFLAKE 5TH!! have a terrific thursday. {{hugs}}

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