Tuesday, June 30, 2009

quick update...

* little league closing day
* being sick
* pasadena for piggy tales
* all stars begin for dallin
* church ball for the boys
* city softball for trevor
* city softball for me
* pallet retainer for haleigh
* sister in law and kiddos visited
* mom's fall/broke her hip
* fund raisers for all stars
* rehab in payson for mom
* first all star game
* dentist appointments for kiddos
* still unpacking and trying to settle in our home
* pay bills/balance checkbooks/clean house
* update blog...

i think i need a vacation from the busyness. is that possible? i am very thankful that i have kids, family and friends to occupy my life...sometimes i just need some mE time. i struggle with keeping it all together sometimes. can anyone relate? ok...enough! i need to step back and breathe. get my priorities straight and start a new day.


1 comment:

Tammy said...

looks like life is crazy. Why does it seem things never slow down? Kids always make that harder. So sad about your mom! I hope she is doing better. It's a long road, but she can do it.