Monday, June 1, 2009

one craZy month and a half...

it has been f-o-r-e-v-e-r {in my best sandlot voice} since i have posted. it has been so crazy the last month in a half, so much going on. i think i am only going to recap by letting you know what the kiddos and i have been up to... here goes.

  • trevor turned 17!!!
  • austin's ffa banquet
  • my 37th birthday
  • birthday trip to mexico
  • trevor's end of the year band concert
  • dallin track and field finals in payson {he took 2nd in the 800}
  • austin's end of the year choir concert
  • creative escape training
  • first piggy tales show to manchester
  • first lobster experience
  • haleigh graduated from DARE
  • haleigh's track and field day
  • dallin starts baseball
  • school is out!
  • dallin's 8th grade promotion
  • breanne's wedding
  • went to buffalo to teach for piggy tales

i think that is all. though knowing me...i probably forgot something, lol! life may be really craZy around here couldn't be any better. i eNjoY every craZy moment, every laughter, every hug or tear that comes my way. my liFe, mY kiddos, mY faMiLy and fRieNds...i couldn't be more blessed! :) thaNks to everyone who has touched mY life, welcomed me in or shared a memory. {hugs}


Tammy said...

man you have been busy! I can't believe all that has happened. Who has time to blog when you're doing all of that! Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Rachel Ann said...'ve been busy and so have your kids!! Hope you are enjoying your summer.