Sunday, June 7, 2009

goodbye my dear friend

i am still in shock as i received the news that a long time friend went home to god. many of you may know him and many may not have had the honor of meeting him. as he is at peace now and with god, may we all remember him and celebrate his life! i know how important his little girl was to him. i was able to do some scrapbooking for them and i am honored and blessed that i was asked. i wanted to share with you one of the pages i did. it reminds me all so well that life is short and to treasure the small stuff. to say "i am sorry", "i forgive you", "i love you", "thank you" and so many other simple words. i want to share with you a poem i wrote many years ago that really hits me now.

today someone died.
it might of been a close friend or someone unknown.
you take friends for fun and games
not knowing that one day that friend will be gone.
then you realize how dear it was, the closeness,
the tears, the laughter, and those warm hugs of comfort.
today i want to tell you thank you for everything.
i know how dear your friendship was, i feel the closeness now,
i have those tears and i can still hear the laughter.
i'm sorry i can't feel your comfort anymore.
i'm sorry i waited to tell you thanks.
i'm sorry brad that i didn't tell you thanks! always & forever, poison. period. infinity. the end you will remain in my heart. may you know how much you have touched so many in your short years with us here. you will be missed dearly by all. rest in peace Bradley Paul Jones. we will all leave our footprints on others as you have done on us. your life will live on.
my friend todd sent me a wonderful quote i would love to leave with you.
"being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage".
~lao tzu

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Tammy said...

such a sad thing to hear about. I hope his family is doing well and that his little girl can be well taken care of. Such a hard thing to have happen.