Saturday, March 7, 2009

YOU deserve it all!!

in a very
real sense, we are
the authors of our
own lives. ~mandy aftel

how many times have we said to ourselves....what is mY purpose here? why am i here? what is all this for? we were sent here to live life to the fullest! many of us do this but many struggle day to day just to live. this life isn't easy. the roads we take aren't easy. many times we have to just jump on and hang on. many of us have to walk this life alone. it may not be by choice. though if you look deep enough you will see you are never REALLY alone. we truly are authors of our own lives! we get to decide if we wake up in the morning. we have a choice to make our day be a good one or bad. we can decide to smile {even if you don't want to} at a stranger or our enemy. we can choose to have many friends or none. we can choose to love and be loved. we can choose to love ourselves or hate ourselves. have you ever really sat back and took a great big deep cleansing breath? one in silence, one that makes you stop and see your surroundings, to see YOU? the real YOU! the one that for so long has wondered and thought of all the mistakes you have made in this life. the YOU that has talents that you have hidden for so long. the YOU that has loads of good in you that you have chosen not to see for a long time. the YOU that other people look at and say wow. the YOU that is quiet, yet open to others. the YOU that puts everyone before yourself. the YOU that would rather give your last dollar than see someone else struggle. the YOU that doesn't know why GOD has put these challenges in your life but knows that in the end they are there for a reason. the YOU that should be saying...i deserve to be haPpY. i deserve to be lOveD. i deserve to know what this life is all about.

YOU have the pOweR, YOU are the author of YOUR life. how you choose to live's all up to YOU!!

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