Saturday, January 17, 2009

{haPpY 14th daLLiN}

it's hard to believe that my baby boy is 14 tOdaY! where has the time gone? i am just glad that the kids get older and we don't, lol. i remember like it was yesterday when i took this little 4lbs. 15oz. little one home to meet his brothers. i was living the life with galen and "mY 3 soNs". dallin brought and has continued to bring laughter to our family. he was the cutie with a smile! he followed suit in his brother, trevor's foot steps with all the little jokes. he has become our sports all-star! give him any sport and he will try it. he keeps me pretty busy going to try-outs, practices and games. a mom's taxi he keeps me on the run...though i wouldn't change a thing! his character and passion for life is one to truly admire. dallin, i hope you continue to grown into a wonderful young man that you already are. i love you "d". <3 always, mom


Jo Dee said...

Wow they just grow up way too fast!

Tammy said...

look how young you look in that picture. And Dallin was a chubby baby!! So funny! Happy Birthday Dallin! Sorry we missed it!