Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving & happy birthday austin!!

for most of us we spend thanksgiving with family & friends. we share or thoughts and what we are thankful for. there are many that are alone on this blessed day. it may be because they are serving our country, serving their church, a divorced family or may not even have a family. on this day i am not only thankful for my blessings and what this life on earth has given me but, it is also my first born son's 18th birthday!!! i can not believe that on this day 18 years ago i was in the hospital giving birth. it doesn't seem like long ago i was was holding him and rocking him to sleep. watching him figure out this world with no eyes. watching him stumble yet find ways to make life work for him. watching him grow into such a young man. my heart is full today!!! i am truly a blessed mother to have this amaZing young man in my life. not only has he taught me and my family so much. i truly believe he has touched the world. if you have ever had the chance to exchange a hello with this young man you will know why. he will touch your soul with his beautiful smile. life has been a challenge for him as he was born totally blind. then came the autism and mental challenges. though one hello from him you were touched. your heart would truly melt! god gave him to our family because he knew we could make his life on earth one with many blessings. what we didn't know, was that we would received in return is so much more. i love you austin and i am thankful and blessed to be your mom. i hope you know how very loved and how special you are to your family, friends and all that you come in contact with. happy birthday to you!!! may this life bring you as much joy to you as you have to all of us. love, mom

happy thanksgiving to all of you!!! may you remember the true meaning of this day and share your thanks with those that mean the most to you. thank you brother jeremy for serving your country for my freedom that i may enjoy what life has to offer!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

live a balanced life.
learn some and think some,
and draw and paint
and sing and dance
and play and work
every day some.
~robert fulghum

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

{kelly & kyle}

just wanted to share with you that my sister got married last week to her dream man! they went to vegas and got married on top of the stratosphere, just the two of them. here are some of the stinkin' cute photos of this hot couple! congrats kelly, kyle and girls!!!! love and miss you tons.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

good thursday morning!!

as i sit here thinking this is my last show of the year for sei i again found a wonderful quote...

"there are many things in life
that will catch your eye,
but only a few
will catch your heart.
pursue these".
~michael nolan
go out and make it a great day!!! pursue those "things" that catch your eye and don't let them go. hey, you only live once so what are you afraid of. *hugs*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


so i told you yesterday about the three little quote books i bought over the weekend. they are by the same author of my "she" and "be" books, kobi yamada. the three i picked up are "do what you love", "create balance" and "chase your dreams". these tiny books are powerful. as i finished my huge to do list for this evening {about midnight} i sat in bed and started reading them again. i was inspired by so many... here it is 1:10 in the morning and i am listening to different play lists and every song is hitting a cord with me. i think it is just one of those nights that sometimes you have where...everything hits you or you just hit a wall, lol. i don't know but, i am filled with so many emotions. don't you just hate it when your brain does one of these on you when you least expect it. i have so much to do tomorrow and i should be asleep but, i feel as if i don't get this out, i will loose precious moments or another day.

"every day
that you sit back
and wait for
something to happen
is another day lost".
~jennifer flavin
well, it is now 1:30 and i need to be up at 4 so i am gonna say good night or is that good morning to you all, lol. anywho...i feel better getting some thoughts out of my brain! *hugs* connie

Monday, November 10, 2008

quote for thought...

i just have to share this quote my friend gave me the other day. when hearing it the first time i was frozen. then i asked to have it read again so i could add it to my quote book i carry in my purse. it is a strong quote! read it quite a few times as you will find it may have more than one meaning to you. i bought a few little quote books this weekend and i will have to share some with you. all three little books struck home to me. thinking positive!!! i hope you have a great week and a fabulous monday! *hugs* connie

"i am at {home} everywhere
and no where.
i always fit in but
i never quite belong."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

random thoughts running around in this head...

as i voted yesterday i started reflecting on this country which we live. even if the outcome you had hope for wasn't granted, i pondered long and hard.

i am blessed to be an american!!
i am thankful for this great country i do live in.
for my freedom!
for the many men and women who honor their country and serve for me, my kids, my family and friends!
for waking up in the morning knowing i have a home.
that i have water, heat and electricity.
that i have food.
that i can smell the morning air.
that i can tell my children i love them.
that i can choose to make my day a good one.
i'm thankful for my trials.
that my voice can be heard.

i find these times we live in a challenge. so many things have evolved. though i know that no matter what may lay ahead of us and our country...there is much to be grateful for. for me, waking up each morning and having another day to make my life, my children's life, my friends and families lives better, makes everyday worth it!

remember to never forget what you DO have to be thankful for. don't always think of the negative. as a friend told me...if you think negative thoughts you bring that onto yourself. it is a challenge for me but, i want the positive energy in my life. I NEED IT!!!

i have been faced with many challenges and obstacles this past year and as the year is coming to an end i have been reflecting on them as well. what did i learn? what did i accomplished? did i teach my children something new? have i told my family and friends i love and appreciate them enough? have i helped another? have i savored each moment i have with others to remember for a lifetime? did i say sorry and mean it? did i forgive those who asked for forgiveness? did i give enough hugs to those in need? did i make the right choices? am i moving in the right direction? do i regret anything?

all of these questions and more flooded me this morning and i needed to get them out. think about we only have 56 more days until the new year what do you need to do to make 2008 one that will have meaning? it's hard to believe that this year is almost over. i want to make these last 56 days memorable. i want to smile EVERYDAY and not regret anything. i can only learn from my mistakes and that too is a blessing.