Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i don't want to forget

what i have,

i just need to let go

of what i don't.

~connie j. capron

as thanksgiving came and went an another holiday is just around the corner a quote popped into my head. one i hope no others will take credit, but share it. how often are we down on ourselves. thinking of what we don't have and what others do? is it friends, family, a job, money, love, trust, a home and the list could go on. how many times do we carry the bad things in our lives? the negative, the sickness, the whoa is me, what do i have? why must we let the bad always seem to outweigh the good? isn't it tiring? isn't it sad? i thought again...i know, me thinking is scary, lol. am i making the most out of this life? did i do or say anything that i regret? did i smile tOdaY? am i truly happy with me? am i creating myself to {be} happy? life is too short. life is a test. is it ok to have that moment, the one that may not last forever? many, many questions we can be asking ourselves. though i think the biggest one of them all is...ARE WE HAPPY? if we are not happy there is no way we can make others happy. there is no way we can truly love another unless we love and accept our self for who and what we are. we have to let go of the past to move forward. doesn't mean we won't forget or miss it. it just means there is a lesson there and hopefully next time around we learn something from it. it's ok to say i'm sorry. it's not ok to never forgive. it's ok to admit wrong. it's not ok to lay blame. i realize that everyday i am learning something new. something new about myself and i can even say...i like mE. i do have many good qualities! i do have a lot to offer! it may take a long time for others to realize. then again i don't need to worry about what others think of me. i only need to think of how i think of me and how i see myself. thanksgiving was tough for me this year but i got through it. my family and friends helped me get through it! i am blessed and grateful for what i have, what i hope to continue to gain and what obstacles may continue to face me. i am strong, i am invincibly, i am women!! helen reddy and mom...all because of you i can move ahead one tiny step at a time. thanks to my readers in blog land. those that read and leave comments and those that lurk. it makes me feel like i am contributing my small piece in this world. it's late and i think i have rambled enough. *hugs* and good night! connie


Dianna said...

:) *!*

Anna said...

Listening to "Unwritten" as I read this entry, I realize that even as a lonely single mom struggling thru my days, there are others out there feeling the same way. And we can make it! There is hope and courage and strength within us- we just have to remember where we left it! (probably next to the lost car keys....) Stay strong sista!