Wednesday, November 5, 2008

random thoughts running around in this head...

as i voted yesterday i started reflecting on this country which we live. even if the outcome you had hope for wasn't granted, i pondered long and hard.

i am blessed to be an american!!
i am thankful for this great country i do live in.
for my freedom!
for the many men and women who honor their country and serve for me, my kids, my family and friends!
for waking up in the morning knowing i have a home.
that i have water, heat and electricity.
that i have food.
that i can smell the morning air.
that i can tell my children i love them.
that i can choose to make my day a good one.
i'm thankful for my trials.
that my voice can be heard.

i find these times we live in a challenge. so many things have evolved. though i know that no matter what may lay ahead of us and our country...there is much to be grateful for. for me, waking up each morning and having another day to make my life, my children's life, my friends and families lives better, makes everyday worth it!

remember to never forget what you DO have to be thankful for. don't always think of the negative. as a friend told me...if you think negative thoughts you bring that onto yourself. it is a challenge for me but, i want the positive energy in my life. I NEED IT!!!

i have been faced with many challenges and obstacles this past year and as the year is coming to an end i have been reflecting on them as well. what did i learn? what did i accomplished? did i teach my children something new? have i told my family and friends i love and appreciate them enough? have i helped another? have i savored each moment i have with others to remember for a lifetime? did i say sorry and mean it? did i forgive those who asked for forgiveness? did i give enough hugs to those in need? did i make the right choices? am i moving in the right direction? do i regret anything?

all of these questions and more flooded me this morning and i needed to get them out. think about we only have 56 more days until the new year what do you need to do to make 2008 one that will have meaning? it's hard to believe that this year is almost over. i want to make these last 56 days memorable. i want to smile EVERYDAY and not regret anything. i can only learn from my mistakes and that too is a blessing.

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