Sunday, October 26, 2008

a wonderful start to mY sunday...

i couldn't sleep last night and was up rather late. my kiddos were so amaZing and let me sleep in. haven't done this in a long time. what woke me this morning? the smell of french toast, my favorite!!! these two little kids of mine made french toast for me. dallin even remembered to add cinnamon. what more could a mom ask for! i am truly grateful and thankful for all 4 of my children. we are eNjoYing a wonderful day together. these are precious and priceless moments. ones you never want to loose and never want to forget. have a super sunday all!! *hugs*

edit: i was just informed by my little boo bear haleigh that it was her idea to make french toast. it was her that remembered the cinnamon. she wanted to do it all by herself but, big brother dallin just started the grill. as haleigh was reading the blog she let me know of these details. thaNks you!!

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Tammy said...

wow, that's awesome! you have such good kids. I hope mine grow up to be so thoughtful! Mom's definitely need it.